Create Your Own Cookbook by Christmas

A gift with true meaning and connection for your family and friends

Next Class Begins September 2022

Give them a gift they'll treasure for years

Free Class Includes... 

* PRO TIPS on how to select and categorize your favourite recipes

* RECIPE SUCCESS CHECKLIST to ensure your recipes are easy to follow 

* PLANNING ADVICE to make sure you get your cookbook done on time

* PRINTING OPTIONS to suit any budget

* FREE ONLINE TOOLS to make it easy to organize your project and format your recipes

* Ask the Expert -  Q&A SESSION 
(Live broadcast only)


Meet Patricia

Patricia is a chef turned recipe writer, teacher, food stylist and co-founder of the Blue Accordion Recipe Academy

With over 20 years experience in the food publishing industry including work as a food editor, recipe developer and food stylist, as well as a background in culinary arts and culinary arts education; Patricia understands how to turn complex projects into manageable tasks so you can get your dream project finished!

She takes great pleasure in helping people fulfill their dreams of creating a cookbook of their own. 



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